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How to do Record Store Day

Record Store Day this year is set for 23rd April. We are always excited when the list gets released, the chance to get any new music is a good day. Whether this year’s R.S.D. is your first or you’ve been disappointed at missing out during past events, there is a few things you must do to maximise your R.S.D. experience.

#1 Study the R.S.D. 2022 List

We really do mean study. This year’s list has hundreds and hundreds of releases on it. Look carefully, you’ll probably need two or three read throughs to take it all in. Plus, it might be handy to grab a pen and a sheet of paper!

For the US list click here .

For the UK list click here.

Other countries have their own lists, so click here for more details.

#2 Tell the Record Store

Now that you have consumed this year’s releases and jotted down the ones you’d care to add to your collection, you must notify the shop which records you’d like. However, as per the R.S.D. no reserves rule, this does not guarantee you will get them, but it does let the shop know what to order so you have a chance.

#3 Make a Plan B

Having chosen your most desired discs, it is a good idea to make a plan B. Imagine, you have queued up for 8-hours only to be told that your store does not have anything left you wanted? A list of secondary choices could save you from heartache on the day. I am mildly familiar with the likes of Frightened Rabbit, Superchunk and Thomas Dolby, and as all have RSD releases coming out this year. These will be “Spotified” to form a series of third choices, just in case.

#4 Queue For Success

To be in with the best chance possible of getting exactly what you want you must queue up early! It might be seen as over the top but over the years, I have both queued up in the dark and strolled in the bright sunshine of the afternoon and largely got something I genuinely wanted. My tastes as you can see are far from being mainstream or feature superstar names, so I am lucky in that. However, I will be there nice and early, just like last year and the year before. Afterall, this is part of the Record Store Day experience!


Derek's list

The Future Sound of London Rituals LP

Miles Davis Live In Montreal 2xLP

Tangerine Dream Live At Reims Cinema Opera 2xLP

V/A Earthbeat 2xLP

Derek's plan B


Andrea's list

The Sound Counting the Days 2xLP

Sun's Signature Sun's Signature 12" Vinyl

DEVO Oh, No! It's Devo (40th Anniversary Edition) Picture Disc, LP

Superchunk Incidental Music: 1991 - 1995 2xLP

Andrea's Plan B


The Vinyl Hole
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