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One of our objectives is to help emerging artists and bands by giving them a space at The Vinyl Hole to present their music. We focus on up-and-coming alternative/underground bands and artists. Got a new release? Submit your music to us!

Submissions are now closed. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out when submissions will be open! 

Submission Guidelines:

Please read the guidelines carefully. 

  • Send us a downloadable link to your music. This is an easier way to listen to your music. Please send the album you wish to have reviewed. If necessary, we will ask you to send us more material. Make sure your tracks are labeled!

  • Provide a bio and a press release. This will give us a better understanding of your music; we want to learn as much as we can since your music will most likely be new to us. 

  • Send links of all your social media. Instagram/Facebook/Websites/Spotify/SoundCloud/Bandcamp.

  • Provide album art and music videos (if available). You must provide a high-quality file of the album art and photos of your band. 

  • Your music must have a good following and presence on social media. 

  • Make sure you clarify exactly what genre your music is. Please note that we only cover alternative music since this is a blog that focuses on experimental/alternative genres and their infinite number of subgenres.  

  • Once you have been selected, we will contact you for a short interview to be included in the review. 

  • Ask yourself, what makes you stand out? Proving a good pitch will make your submission stronger and make a bigger impression. We want to know as much as we can from you. This information will help us!

  • Not every band will be selected for a review. This may be for many reasons, but we welcome you to submit your music to us again in the future. 

  • Once your music has been fully reviewed, you will be contacted by email. 

  • Make sure you follow us on social media! We are on Facebook and Instagram. @TheVinylHole

  • Lastly, make sure everything you submit is presentable. We want the process to run smoothly. You’ll have a lower chance of being selected if you provide unlabeled tracks, bad-quality photos, etc. 



Please note that your music will take some time to review. Sit tight! You will hear from us. You may follow up, but please keep this very minimal. We ask that you do not send multiple emails asking us if your music has been reviewed. You will get an email confirmation once we have received the information. We look forward to your submission! 

The Vinyl Hole
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