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The Vinyl Hole's primary focus is to share, educate, and introduce alternative music. From analog to digital formats, we want to transmit our passion and celebrate our endless appreciation of music through reviews, interviews, articles, tips, advice, and so much more.   


We keep our mission very simple.


The Vinyl Hole Is...


Derek Howie


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Andrea Coloma

Founder, Publisher, Author, Designer 


Gonzalo Ventura Iglesias 


Andrea holding The Residents - Warning: Uninc.

(Live And Experimental Recordings 1971-1972)


Before records, Andrea took an interest in CDs at 13 and went through many phases with music until she took a firm grasp on collecting alternative music, genres such as Post-punk, Punk, New wave, Metal, and their subgenres. It was not until she was 17 that she became curious about vinyl records and gradually shifted to collecting them. During that stage of that age, her musical interest took a metamorphosis in her life, and her vinyl collection reflected just that. Her first official purchases were Sun Ra's "Lanquidity" (1978) and Aphex Twin's  "...I Care Because of You." (1995.) This put her cd collecting on a hiatus.

Andrea has now built an eclectic collection of genres such as Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Electronica, IDM, Experimental, Punk, Post-punk, New Wave, Ambient, Noise, Indie,  Space Rock, Synth-pop, Industrial, Sludge/doom metal, Free jazz, and their subgenres in both vinyl and CDs. 


Some of her favorites in her collection include; Cocteau Twins, Coil, Ween, Spacemen 3, Silvania, Kitchens of Distinction, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, Suicide, My Bloody Valentine, Bourbonese Qualk, Severed Heads, Les Rallizes Dénudés, and Cabaret Voltaire. 

Derek holding The Horrors -  Higher

Derek holding The Horrors - Higher


Derek has been a music fan from the age of 10-years old. Since then, he has been a consumer and collector of all manner of alternative music over the subsequent 35-years. The mainstays of his collection being Aphex Twin, The Stone Roses, and Chapterhouse, alongside other pre-millennial favourites The Future Sound of London, Nirvana, The Orb, Spacemen 3, and Therapy?. 

His passion for acts of the 1990s certainly hasn’t blinkered his views towards future music. As a “completist,” his near-full discographies of bands such as 65daysofstatic and Kasabian, as well as a large cache of releases by The Amorphous Androgynous, DJ Shadow, The Horrors, and The Music, adorn his specifically curated collection.

Despite being a progressive music fan, if you look hard enough through the thousands of photos he has shared on his Instagram blog Audioidua or the Facebook group he created, Musicisum, you might just see a relic from the ‘70s by Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Klaus Schulze, or Tangerine Dream.


Gonzalo is the most recent addition to the Vinyl Hole. His first contribution to the Vinyl Hole was with a review of his Chrome copy "Chromosome Damage" on vinyl.

He is a lover of experimental and undefined sounds such as Abstract, Ambient, Avant-garde, Dream Pop, Drone, EBM, Ethereal, IDM, Industrial, Power Electronics, Psychedelic, Shoegaze, and other styles/subgenres. He originally started collecting CDs, making this his favorite format. But has now returned to collecting vinyl records. 

In the past, Gonzalo was part of musical projects related to Hardcore and Sludge. Now he makes music under the name of GVI, experimenting with sounds between noise and lo-fi.

He actively listens to Bowery Electric, Bruce Haack, Crash Worship, John Zorn, Los Natas, Mark Van Hoen, The Residents, Reynols, Tuxedomoon, Soft Machine, The Wolfgang Press, and Throbbing Gristle.

Gonzalo holding Esplendor Geométrico – 40 Años Nos Iluminan

The Vinyl Hole
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