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TWIN TEMPLE - Twin Temple (Bring You Their Signature Sound....Satanic Doo-Wop) - 2018 | ALBUM REVIEW

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Label: Independent (2018) Re-issued under Rise Above (2019) By Moises Perez

The platters, pompadours, beehive coifs, and....hailing Satan? an unusual mix by all means, yet, this is exactly what husband and wife duo, Alexandra and Zachary James deliciously bring to the sockhop with their 2018 debut album "Twin Temple (Bring You Their Signature Sound....Satanic Doo-Wop)" a flashback to the 1950s-1960s, America's golden age for music, Twin Temples debut album plays a twist on the oldies. With the grandiose horn section, barroom keyboards and Zachs' hot steel guitar you would expect, vocalist Alexandra James sacrifices the cliche tunes of teenage puppy love and hand jivin' to seductively belt songs of female self-empowerment, sex, magick and her crush on Luci, the crushed velvet wearin', hair greasin' boy from the deep south.

I remember first discovering this band. Picture a stage with a pentagram backdrop, an altar with chalices of "blood", crucifixes, swords and lit black candles, the first thing that came to mind is black metal, after all, it has become the face of Satanic music, but instead of brutal guitars, gutturals, and corpse paint, outcomes to a "femme fatale" singing soulfully, with a likeness to the late Amy Winehouse, to overly reverbed guitars and sexy sax. It is obvious I was floored and immediately hooked. How could I not be? This was certainly a refreshing change to the same ol' shit every other occult band played. It was unique, bold, music that would absolutely cause spit takes and discomfort if Satan isn't your cup of tea. I began to explore their discography and fell into the devilish rabbit hole that is Twin Temple. It's very easy to admire the true to era recordings. Their "signature sounds" were recorded in mono. Every instrument including vocals originally recorded live to tape using ribbon microphones, tube pre-amps, and any original equipment they could get their hands on. Their website states it well, this style of recording captures the human element, far from being overproduced.

I also have to point out the "true to philosophy" lyricism. Twin Temple has spoken openly about their devotion to Satanism and their music shows it. Consistently rejecting societal norms, proving to be free-spirited individuals breaking down boundaries. I'll also add you could understand and hear what they are saying! No offense to my black metal fans. The tracklist itself is solid. The overall songwriting is excellent with very few flaws. After all, what is a perfect album? Some may view this whole deal as a cheesy gimmick, a shtick, or an overly exhausted theatrical performance, but aren't all satanic bands? Is it also cheesy when Behemoth or Watain does it? The difference here is, Twin Temple is a refreshing listen. It is over the top entertaining! If you do give this album a listen, start with my favorites. "Lucifer My Love" a doo-wop tune about how Luci is a much better kisser than Jesus, and " I Am WICKED" an easy to sing along powerhouse of a song.

Originally released independently by the band (later fully released by Rise Above) limited to a hand-numbered pressing amount of...well..of course, 666 copies on 180-gram translucent blood-red wax, this is a must-have album for your next sock-hop or satanic ritual.


Moises Perez is an avid music listener and record collector located in south Texas. With a collection of 1500 (and counting) records, his free time is spent spinning wax. With a love for metal, folk, and the obscure.

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