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Tip: How To Treat Your Vinyl

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

When a new Vinyl comes home, I always treat it the same to keep it in tip to shape.

Here is a tip for treating your vinyl!

Any of the Hype stickers are very carefully peeled off the factory shrink-wrap, then transferred to a brand-new Poly Sleeve that I store all my Vinyl in. These protective covers are basically heavy-duty plastic, which’s far more durable than Shrink-wrap.

Next, I wet wash the disc/s. Yeah, even brand-new Vinyl can be dirty.

Apply the cleaning liquid via a spray bottle. I use Deep Track Cleansing from Vinyl Clear.

Spray onto the playable surface ONLY, avoiding the label, then spread it around the whole surface, following the grooves with a soft, lint-free, clean cloth. You’re forcing the liquid into the grooves.

With a separate clean cloth, wipe away the liquid and dust/dirt, but this time going ACROSS the grooves until all the fluid is removed. Only now it is time to play the Vinyl.

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