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Tip: How to Create a Discogs Entry

We have probably all used Discogs ( at some point to find out a particular fact about a release. It is a marvelous database and an invaluable tool if you are a specialist collector or simply catalog your music, so you do not buy duplicate copies. It is only as good as the information submitted, but have you ever wondered who inputs the detailed information posted on the site? The answer is, we all can!

One of my purchases by Man Of Moon wasn't listed, so I took it upon myself to add it. Here is how I did it.

Firstly, all the photographs were taken and cropped of both sides of the sleeve and disc, as well as the extras that my specific copy contained. I just used my smartphone for this.

Using the same word processing software as Microsoft Word, I began writing down every detail about the release, such as artist's name, title, song names, date, producers, matrix, etc. Any text found on the sleeve or disc should be included.

Now it is time to fill in the Discogs submission form on the website. It is a straightforward process of copy & paste as I had already written out the info beforehand, but there is the helpful 'Guidelines Reference' for each section for a first-timer.

Once you have filled in the multitude of parameters, and there are plenty, you will get the green light (or button) to submit your entry onto this legendary database.

The band's homepage now has my entry listed, and the individual release page looks very familiar, but this time it is all my own doing, with text and photos that other people can use for years to come. Since creating this entry in 2019, I take great pride in these statistics that many fellow members have used my submissions for themselves; that is what it is all about.


The Vinyl Hole
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