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Updated: Dec 24, 2020

by Derek Howie

The Stone Roses are a band that first captivated me in my youth with their style, self-confidence, and of course a bag of cracking tunes. Between 1989 and 1994, this 4-piece from Manchester released 2-Albums and 12-Singles before their achromous first split in 1995, with a further 2-Singles during their reunion period through 2011 – 2017. What you see below are more than just 3-records by my favourite Mancunians, these are in fact what I consider to be some collecting milestones.

This US-only pressing on Gold Vinyl of the band’s 1990 epic single “Fools Gold 9.53” is my 99th item to enter my collection. It is an iconic track that fused Indie and Dance from the last millennia, it still holds water today and is probably the most recognized song The Stone Roses ever released. Apart from being pressed on transparent Gold Vinyl, this 12” also differs from my other UK-versions as it plays at 33.3rd RPM, and features the shorter edit “Fools Gold 4.15” as well as the standard B-Side song, “What The World Is Waiting For”.

Well, after the 99th comes?

My 100th item to enter my horde.

This only dropped through my letterbox a few days ago and is a more sombre, but more important item. An original 7” of “Made of Stone” with the black catalogue number indicates its First Press status from 1989. Like all the band’s releases, the artwork is created by their guitarist John Squire, with the early sleeves being largely inspired by Jackson Pollock’s style of painting called Splash Art. The track “Made of Stone” itself is about the unfortunate death of the American artist in 1956. Like every ‘Roses’ release, the B-Sides are magnificent, “Going Down” is a rather poetic tale of a sexual encounter, that features another reference to Jackson Pollock, as well as Jimi Hendrix.

This incessant habit saw my 101st item to arrive only days later. I had been searching for a First Press US of the debut album for a while and finally snagged one within my price limits; you need to set a limit with eBay auctions! Again, it is the subtle differences I like here. Red-edged, black writing replaces the usual Gold/Olive or Brown font, as well as the addition of “Elephant Stone” to the tracklisting. What is completely different and unique to this pressing is the Rear Sleeve design, which means the Inner Sleeve also features a photo I had not seen before.

As you read this, items 102nd and 103rd have been on pre-order since August and should be shipped later this month. Yes, I am what you could call a “completist”, although I am nowhere near totality. The addiction I have for The Stone Roses shows no sign of going into withdrawal and I still have another 80-items on my Discogs “Wanted List” and haven’t even touched the large number of Bootleg recordings that are in existence!

Words and photography by Derek Howie


Derek is from Aberdeen in North-East Scotland. Music has been with Derek, and has helped in every facet of his life, creating some exceptionally good times and providing an escape during some very bad times! It has also seen him try make it professionally as a musician and a former D.J. Now it’s just purely pleasuring as an avid music collector (even of other bands than The Stone Roses. LOL) and a blogger on a new venture, Audioidua.

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