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sk172 | Sampleology - 2021 | ALBUM REVIEW

By Derek Howie

All-round creative types seem to be blossoming in these 'new normal' times we are all currently living in. Being holed up within the same 4-walls is nothing new or even remotely challenging to these artistic souls. Going by the current output of artist and musician, sk172, my observations certainly hold water. Don't just take my word for it, have a listen at as well have a gander at his paintings at for yourselves.

'Sampleology' is exactly that. Armed with only an Akai MPC2000XL and a stack of Vinyl, these tracks have been crafted over the last few years and now are housed as 'Sampleology'.

Starting, well, almost starting with 'Levitation' (you'll hear the false start when you download it, which is FREE, by the way) is a lazy, nostalgic trip back to the 1990s of Trip Hop, an era that schooled me and a genre I love. Those Jazzy elements carry forward into 'Nu Beats #2', my fave from this 9-song collective. That old-school beat and first piano line are an awesome combo, and then the track gets better!

'Untitled (edit)' with its cinematic strings, and the flute lead 'Short Track' follow on in quick succession, not overstaying their welcome at around the 3-minute mark. Before the more rounded songs of 'Sketch' and 'Morphology' enter this equation, with even more lush wind and string samples.

The beat-heavy 'Holst Sequence' cleanses the eardrums, with its almost IDM vibe, as 'Nu Track' with its crackly samples that show the recyclable realm we're in and simplified 'Piano Sequence' which closes this 33-minute foray into a kaleidoscope of ideas and the Record collection of one guy.

Now, I will admit that the samples might have been a tad cleaner, but I dig this rawness. As a purveyor of new music, I'd much rather listen to a demo album with the odd bum note or imperfectly truncated clip than an overly polished turd from a co-operate wannabe Rock whore, but that's my take towards music and its future.

This album has certainly whetted my appetite to dig out my old Ninja Tune mixed CDs, but only after another play-through of 'Sampleology' by sk172!

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Instagram: sk_oneseventwo

Bandcamp: sk-172


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