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Having reviewed some of the newest and freshest groups and artists on this page, I thought I would switch it up this time around and focus on one of the record labels themselves who are committed to the same "...introduce alternative music..." cause that we have.

Necio Records is an independent label based in Lima, Peru, that has been steadily releasing some of the most exciting and progressive sounding, brand-new Psychedelic and Stoner Rock and Metal I have heard recently. If that sounds like your thing, you should check out their current releases and back catalog via their Bandcamp page here.

Started in 2013 by Arturo Alonso Quispe Verlarde, they now have nearly 70-titles in their discography. I only discovered them in 2020 via the renowned monthly event known as Bandcamp Friday (#bandcampfriday), where they waive their 15% fee, meaning 100% of the money spent goes to where it should be. This label releases material from as far afield as Australia, to Poland, and back to its native Peru, with output from Spain, Mexico, and Brazil amongst the worldwide roster. I have been particularly drawn to the heavier edge of their output, from their diverse range of Rock styles and sounds.

Below are some of those titles I bought, and I have included a YouTube link to my favourite track from each album as a little taster for you.

El Jefazo' Simbiosis' is an instrumental Stoner/Doom Metal album that teeters into the realms of Punk in places. The best song on the album is the highly-charged 'Uranai Baba!'

Saturndust' RLC' has a much more mellow yet epic Space Rock sound to it, with 3 of the 6 tracks broaching 11-minutes in length. The red, black, and white splatter vinyl pressing is particularly eye-catching. My favourite track here is one such leviathan called 'Saturn 12.C'.

Ancestro' Ancestro' is a record with so many facets of the Rock genre; Prog, Psych, Stoner, and Space Rock all feature. It has been a regular visitor to my platter since getting it. The 13-minute monster 'Salvación' took me on another epic journey.

Maragda' Maragda' is another multi-genre album and is certainly the most desirable of the Necio Records I have, as I have seen copies of this Ultra Clear/Green Splatter pressing listed for resale from $100+. The standout song here must be 'Hermit.'

Satanico Maurhuanos' Inmerso en el Ande' is my favourite from the Necio catalogue, and I must have heard most of them. It has that real slow & heavy vibe that I love throughout. It is the title track 'Inmerso en el Ande' that does it for me off this one.

White Canyon and The 5th Dimension 'Spectral Illusion' is the second album from this duo from Brazil, who marry Shoegaze, Post Punk, and Psychedelic Rock together with such success. The beautiful Gold in Turquoise vinyl pressing is a bit of a stunner look to marvel at as well. A groovy little number such as 'Electric Ghost' highlights their talents.

If you clicked on any of the links above, you would have heard there is a rich vein of talent amongst the Necio Records' pool, and it totally blows the often-seen " music sucks..." comments out of the fucking water! I would have featured this piece about Necio Records sooner, but that horrific pandemic and that much publicised vinyl production meltdown combined against me. It affected the smallest label the hardest, as it saw some of these titles backlogged by more than 15-months! However, the manufacturing issues have slightly abetting, and now these stunning sounding and looking records are once again arriving at the doors of music fans around the globe, proving that the show must and will go on!


The Vinyl Hole
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