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GAS | Rausch - 2018 | ALBUM REVIEW

By Derek Howie

Label: Kompakt

'Rausch' means intoxication in German, and this album undoubtedly delivers an altering experience. It is the 6th release of renowned Wolfgang Viogt's ambient persona, GAS. An album, like the others under this guise, is capable of drawing the listener in with its subdued, evolving nature, distant rumbles, and intermittent Classical elements.

Before you know it, you're being pulled along on an upbeat romp, across some large and dark space towards the booming beat, outwardly moving on a direct path, just fixated on the relentless allure, moving rhythmically towards the distant and mechanical glow of a European dance party, audible at only a muted range.

There's a brief lull. The ever-present sub-bass drone over the quieter parts stirs the smouldering embers of hope, the hope of one last swansong, one final rush. The sparse, melodic textures and tones slowly build and flood in again; they interweave together with familiar patterns and stimulating loops before the kick drum starts up again, but a more prominent thud. You are as close as you will to get; enjoy it. Finally, the growing fervour of piano, strings, and horn stabs combine with the precise, encompassing groove, and then, everything just stops.

As they say, 'You are back in the room'. A whole hour has just passed. I know exactly where I have just been. This was music for the mind. Will you know where 'Rausch' will take you? Try it. I promise it will not hurt.

You can listen to "Rausch" on Spotify

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