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DIDJAWS | Stroboscope - 2021 | SINGLE REVIEW

By Andrea Coloma

Label: Crem Road

From France hails an electronic/techno musician named DidJaws; he maintains an anonymous identity that makes his music more intriguing. However, his identity is beside the point but still quite relevant. DidJaws' recent single 'Stroboscope' ft. Guitaaron is a 5:23-minute trip experimentation of electronic sounds. But it certainly has an eerie approach I appreciate.

'Stroboscope' starts with a beautiful ghostly intro with haunting vocals. The drum machine use creates a pattern of atmospheric tempo that is essential in this track. I love the synth incorporation of this song WHILE it's backed up with, as he calls it, "saturated" guitar sounds. While DidJaws aims to create techno music, he truly pushes the edges as an electronic musician. The incorporation of the synth completes a strange combination of sounds that makes up a great single. I also have to mention that the robotic vocals of this track are a nice addition. It overall creates a well-composed single.

Because this is the only song I've heard from him, I was curious to check out his previous release. He recently released an EP called 'Home Made Techno' last year, which I find awesome; this EP is minimal while maintaining honest to the genres he creates.

Make sure to listen to his previous EP and single! You can find it on Spotify and iTunes. DidJaws has more singles coming up, so I'll be looking out for it!

Check out the 'Stroboscope' music video here!

Follow him on:

Instagram: Jawsberrebi

Facebook: Didjawsmusic

Bandcamp: DidJaws


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