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  • Moises Perez

AMIGO THE DEVIL - Everything is Fine - 2018 | ALBUM REVIEW

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Label: Regime

By Moises Perez

Since Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkle, and Joni Mitchell, folk artists have held a place in our hearts. Writing and singing songs about political justice, peace, heartbreak, and the wanderer who isn't lost. Positivity was the message. What if I told you there was a dark side to folk...would you believe it? Folk songs about Ed Gein's obsession with skin, or Jeffrey Dahmer's lust for an on-edge life...You'd probably think the idea is nuts but "If I'm Crazy"...give a listen to Amigo The Devils first full length the album, "Everything Is Fine". Amigo has been pushing the limits of traditional folk and cultivating a following of country purists, and metal-heads with his macabre, yet romantic, take on the genre.

I first discovered Amigo The Devil, real name Danny Kiranos, when he opened up February 2019 for Drop Kick Murphys. He came fumbling out by himself, no band, no backing track, just him and his array of guitars and banjos. I thought to myself, how could one man and his instrument woo a crowd of Irish was then that he started playing and I understood. Tunes like "The dreamer" where played, a tale of Ed Gein morbidly in love with a deceased woman. At first yes! It is shocking. Nonetheless, Danny's choice of words leaves you desiring to hear more. He followed up with "Hungover In Jonestown" another track off of this album, a tale of a drunken adventure in the horrendously famous Jonestown. A powerful tune of an obsession, devotion, and final goodbye after all "life is a joke, and death is the PUNCHline." By the end of his set, I wanted to hear more, the intimacy of him and his guitars, along with the cheers of the crowd and his powerful voice, the room was buzzing with energy.

I no longer felt it was just him and his guitar, I felt included! A part of the show and I understood his charm. He writes from the perspective of famous serial killers...what if they had a diary? What would they say? A concert packed with sing-alongs and a healthy amount of humor to make otherwise touchy subjects accessible to everyone partaking in the event. On top of being one of the nicest guys you will meet, and a romanticizer of the macabre. He's a lyricist who will pull the strings of your heart? A modern-day poet singing about the struggles of depression and at times suicidal topics...he understands the things people go through and the pain and guilt that sometimes weigh on humans. Songs like "First Day Of The End Of My Life" and "Stronger Than Dead" touch these subjects and puts a close perspective on the mindset of a person who's hurt. Personally speaking, they're songs that helped me get through the toughest moments in my life. He cares for his fans, and I experienced this

when he remembered me at the next show and he came up to me and gave me the biggest hug. I may sound cheesy, but credit is due.

This album was produced by Ross Robinson and features Brad Wilk, YES the Brad Wilk, of Rage against the machine, on drums. Recorded at Valentine's studios. A studio that has been untouched since the '70s, using all original equipment. Mix and mastered to tape. Capturing the image Danny had for these songs...Brutal and pure. 3 pressings of this album currently exist. The green and black splatter limited edition. The gold variant, and the sort of rare black variant. During the spring cleaning sale, a limited amount of the gold was repressed, but upon receiving the shipment, Amigo discovered they had been impressed for the first time onto black. This album is a "must listen" whether it be to satisfy the morbid curiosity, or to heal a hurt heart.


Moises Perez is an avid music listener and record collector located in south Texas. With a collection of 1500 (and counting) records, his free time is spent spinning wax. With a love for metal, folk, and the obscure.


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