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Advice: New Needle?

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

“How long does a needle last for?’ is a question we hear a lot of. Well, in all honesty, YOUR EARS will tell you when it’s time to replace it.This actually happened to me just the other week. I put on one of my favourite albums, and after a few minutes, I knew something was wrong. It sounded a bit different, a little muffled, not quite as punchy and clear.

Initially, I thought I hadn’t cleaned the disc well enough, but no, the needle was completely free of fluff or debris. I began to suspect that I needed to think about replacing it. This was confirmed later when an older Record started to stick where it hadn’t before, that I knew I needed to order a new needle.

Even though I am replacing the exact same model, it’s always a good idea to recalibrate the counterweight and tracking as if you were setting it up for the first time.


The Vinyl Hole
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