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2021 World 7 Inch Day

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

By Andrea Coloma

For the first time, The Vinyl Hole celebrates 'World 7 Inch Day', which will fall on July 7th every year. This is a very exciting day for all vinyl lovers out there! We enjoy showing our collection, so why not our 45s?

What does this mean? It simply brings awareness to this fantastic little 7-inch format we all keep aside from our 12" inch records; what I find pleasure about spinning 7" records is that I tend to replay my favorite songs repeatedly. I can't get tired of flipping that disc over and over again!

This year, The Vinyl Hole would like to share other vinyl enthusiasts' 7" collections. So I've gathered photos of Instagram users who constantly display their appreciation and dedication in collecting vinyl records. Perhaps you'll discover a new single you didn't know of, artist, band, or a genre in one of these posts!

Here are some collectors that participated on

the 2021 World 7" Day!

@TheVinylHole pick Stereolab "Miss Modular" 1997


@_audioidua_ pick 65daysofstatic “Radio Protector” 2006


@tenuadowndensitybeat pick Altocamet "No Están Quietos" 2018


@grant_w241 pick The Jesus and Marychain "Upside down" 1984


@emi__71__ pick Be Forest "Hanged Man" 2013


@vinylwithdad pick Pearl Jam "Dance of the Clairvoyants" 2020


@jutston pick Spectrum

"True Love Will Find You In The End" 1992

"How You Satisfy Me" 1992

"Indian Summer" 1993


@haydn_davies_photographer pick David Bowie "Space Oddity" 1969


@mrfloyd65 pick Sex Pistols "Popcorn" 1979


@vinyl_up_your_ass pick Flipper "Love Canal Ha Ha Ha" 1981


@cheneyheadshot pick Devo "Be Stiff/Social Fools" 1978


@pbrooks211 pick Teen Angels "Teen Dream" 1995


@limasyndrome pick Pisse "Kohlrübenwinter #1" 2018



"Cut Your Hair" 1992

"Range Life" 1995

"Rattle by the Rush" `1995

"Carrot Rope" 1999

A big thank you to everyone that participated this year!

We are looking forward to next years

World 7" Day!


The Vinyl Hole
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