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By Andrea Coloma

There is nothing more I love than an excellent IDM album. However, I have to expand this statement a little further. Cody Wood's "Cast Spells At Home" shifts beyond the genre electronica. This EP, released in 2020, possesses multiple styles such as experimental electronic, ambient, breakbeat, techno, and well... as you listen, you will get more of that.

Based out of Denver, Colorado. Cody Woods's production can feel airy; his music conveys a sense of lightness with an arrangement of classic 80's inspired deep house, IDM, drum and bass, jungle, and ambient techno. This 16-minute trip creates a unique futuristic atmosphere, where all the beats are tied together to create a strong EP.

Listening to "Cast Spells at Home" immediately transports you back in time; it almost feels nostalgic, but at the same time, it feels present. You can hear the vibrations echoing in the background, which is an excellent element in ambient music. With that said, my favorite song off this EP is "Moon Powered" this is an exceptional track and a great example of how he embraces ambiance. Other tracks that reflect the styles of genres he adopts are "Time" and "Floating Baby Cobra." Two very different tracks, but it demonstrates the electronic experimentation he encompasses in this unique EP.


Interview with Cody Woods

by Andrea Coloma

A: Thanks, Cody, for taking this time to answer some of my questions! I truly enjoyed the EP. Can you tell us about 'Cast Spells at Home'? Why this particular title?

CW: The title just popped into my head one day and I thought it had a nice ring to it. I think working on music has somewhat of a spellbinding effect, you get kind of lost in it. It's like you're casting spells. But I don't know, that all sounds really corny when I put it like that.

A: Besides drawing influences from electronic artists/groups. What are other things that inspire you?

CW: My influences music-wise besides the electronic genre? Well I grew up playing rock music with friends in bands, that type of thing. and I do still listen to a lot of rock and metal. I'd say rap has also inspired me in a significant way, especially southern rap from places like Memphis and Atlanta. I grew up listening to like, Three 6 Mafia as a young kid in Memphis, a lot of stuff like that. That's definitely worked its way into my sound somewhere, exactly where I'm not sure. lol. Aside from music, I'm just like anyone else. I like video games and movies. I live in Denver now so it's pretty easy to get outdoors. So I'll add nature to the list. Nature. Meditation. Animals. Can't forget outer-space. Shit like that.

A: If you could collaborate with ONE musician, who would you pick, and why? Tough one, I know!

CW: One musician to collaborate with? Damn, that is a tough one. And it'd be easy too if I were just choosing a favorite artist, because I'd probably just say Aphex Twin. In actuality though that'd make for a terrible time, since I'd be light years behind on whatever was going on there. Really I'd be better off matched with an artist where I might be able to actually bring something new to the table sonically, like maybe Enya. I feel like her voice would complement what I do pretty well. (Enya. Reach out.) So I'd probably say her. Maybe her or like Ozzy Osbourne. Ha.

A: Do you have any plans for another EP or Album release this year?

CW: I actually do have plans for multiple releases this year. I've got a new album with about 8 tracks that'll most likely be dropping next month in July. I'm also planning an ambient album for Fall, something for the people to like meditate or do yoga to. Or for just like, getting high and staring at the wall. And that will come out around October/November. and finally, I also just recently started working on a collaborative EP with this guy Reverb Theory from Montreal, Canada, he's done some great music. And that might be coming on a small Swedish indie label by the end of the year.

A: Thanks again, Cody! I am looking forward to your future projects.

CW: Of course, and thanks again Andrea! I'm grateful for the time you've put into this, and I look forward to the future of your website! Let me know if and when you ever want to link up again. It was my pleasure.

You can listen to "Cast Spells At Home" on Spotify

Make sure to follow Cody!

Instagram: Codywoodsmusic


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